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Collin A. Murphy
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
+ Enjoy and Relax on my Page~! >u<
(Birthday) - November 6th
(Games Playing) - Pkmn Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team, Hotel Dusk: Room 251, & Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds.

*** My icon was made by :iconmyebi: ~ Check out her page! She makes some wicked stuff~ <3
Salutations once again my gorgeous peaches~
I've returned from the grave, and hopefully for good this time~! >u<
*Crickets* ///cries in a corner
With college applications right around the corner, and school being a TOTAL BUTT - SMELLY BUTT okay I'll stop
Time seems to elude me sobsob
Hopefully with this entry, my declaration will stand, and I'll do my best to be more active~! *W*
Hehe~ With that aside, now for the general layout my peeps! Enjoy~ <33
- What's This Disc Thing? ~ Game Discuss! -
Finally been tappin' into the old game juices, and here's what I've been up to lately~! Anyone else play the following games? Comment and tell me yo' thoughts! ///weyofriendsmeduca
1. Phoenix Wright ~ Ace Attorney - Finally got around to startin' this! It's been sitting in my bro's room for a while now, and after readin' thgouth Dangan Ronpa, which many say combines aspects of Wright and 999, I figured, "Why not?" Goin' great so far! Am now on the 3rd case, and I adore it~ What have I been missing sobsob ~ Maya is adorbs okay <33…
2. Arcana Heart 3 - Maidens Galore~ A friend o' mine downloaded this, and I had been looking into it long before~ I toats love it amg ~ Dorothy is definitely my doki doki waifu////shot Definitely what I had been hoping for, and it's total love all around~…
3. Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds - I had never heard of Phantom Breaker before, but the name and design attracted me a lot! Oh man, I love this game~! <33 Itsuki is my main fo' me, and Cocoa is adorable someone help me sob *u* Beat em' Ups speak to me yo FIGHT ME///shot…
That's it for serious playthroughs for the time being~ I'm also reading the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Thread Mirror on tumblr and I need more MOAR KHYUSVAADWUBYGUA
- JAPAN IS SUPERIOR ~ Anime Discuss! -
Still part of my soul yay
Anyone watchin' these? Comment if you are and let's talk! >u<
1. Wild Knights Gulkeeva - DONE - Finished it in September, and man, this anime OOZED style! I adore anthropomorphic characters and such, so I was hooked immediately! All the chars had a ton of depth, and the story was exquisite! Tedium and Kira were my OTP okay I said it///shotshot Definitely recommended to anyone who hasn't seen it~…
2. Ixion Saga DT - IN PROGRESS - What is going on, and why is Sainglain so handsome wheeze///waitwhat ~ This is goin' all over the place, and I can't help but stick around for the ride! It's hilarious, and everything is just presented on a diamond platter~ *W*…
3. Kill la Kill - Oh my Lord. What is this glorious oracle. Kill la Kill seriously feels like a breath of fresh air, and Trigger knows exactly what they're doing! I adore every character because what is love, and the story, the scenery, THE MUSIC. OH MAN, THAT MUSIC GUYS <33 I don't even know what to say so far. I'm speechless. Check it out for yourself if you haven't already, and you'll see what I mean!…
I've got more animus on my watch list for the present, but I'll leave those out, since I don't want this new entry to be like a novel, AMIRITE? Aight, movin' on mah peeps~ *W*
- The Tunes Are Swift ~ Music Discuss! -
I only listen to Touhou music okay sob
Christmas is round the corner, so I've been thinkin' about what I could ask for~ I don't have much in terms of CD's and such, so I figured browsin' the world wide web would give me some ideas! You popsicles listen to any of this? Holla at a playa' and we chat yo'~ >u<
1. Take Your Way ~ (Livetune Feat. Fukase) ~ Serving as the OP to the Devil Survivor 2 Animu, this song totally jams~ Haven't played the game, nor have I finished the animu (Ep. 1 sob), but this feels smooth and, well, right! The instrumentals, the vocals, which feel spot on, and everything else about it makes this song feel relaxing whilst not shying away from some sense of excitement~ I adore it so much huehue…
2. Inversion ~ (maritumix ~ Orig. The Shining Needle Castle Sinking Through the Air) ~ This TH arrange feels so ethereal and wondrous that I can't help but constantly come back to it~ mari knows how to arrange, and with these smooth trance-vibes I get from this remix, I can't help but love it 126872681%~!
(Sadly, the link was taken down sobsob ;;nn;; But if you ever happen to come upon it, give it a shot! mari is by far my favorite arranger~ *W*)
3. Cops & Robbers ~ (The Hoosiers - The Trick to Life) ~ Hot damn, this song is stylin'. I had heard it in a Dangan Ronpa video not too long ago, and I was all HOLY CRANBERRY SAUCE SUGAR HONEY ICED-TEA WHAT IS THIS <33 Those vocals melt me dudes~ This song is so fast-paces and energetic, it just feels great every time~…
- Life is Suffering Meguca ~ Rice + Life!
College applications are coming up, and I'm workin' on my essays and such~
This is seriously takin' it's toll LOL sobsob///cries
It'll pay off in the end though~
Test scores are A-okay, and things are goin' well in school!
Runnin' a club at the moment (Because that's what ALL ANIME CHARACTERS DO DESU), an I have high hopes for its future~
Aside from that, Thanksgiving is coming up and TURKEY
... *Ahem...*
Err... ///runsawaydrooling
- EDIT ~ Tag Me Yo! -
These are some questions I got tagged to answer by :icontamawolf: ~ Here ya go!
1. Have you read noblesse?
I've not... Culturally inept sobsob :iconlazycryokz:
2. I am currently addicted to that manhwa did you know that?
Ah, truly~? Perhaps I should check it out huehue~
3. should I stop talking about noblesse?
4. sorry if you want me to stop i can't stop. are you angry now?
1... 2... 3...
*Table Flip because teen angst*
5.okay let get out of noblesse. Do you like math?
Ah, I actually love math~ LOL///nerdalert
I especially like Pre-Calculus~///okay i'll stop
6. What should i ask for this fabulous question?
This question is FAB enough sweet thang~ <33
7.Hetalia! Shall we talk about hetalia?
The first thing that comes to mind is Turkey X Greece I'm so sorry ;uu;;
9. I don't care about your answer of question7, who is your favorite character in hetalia?
Turkey~ Hehe~! He's so hot fab mmmm
10. did you notice that there is no 8?
WHAT///mind blown
11.  are you surprised that I created the 11th one?
- Get on With It ~ Last Remarks!
That about wraps up this journal entry~ *W*
Now for some DA Love~! <33 Check out their pages! *U*
:iconwaningsilverwolf: :iconfrozenflyingkero: :iconr080tsam: :iconyenyonchan: :iconcelestial-biohazard:
:iconsciorch: :iconpandora-syndrome: :iconsailor-of-time: :iconnopelya: :iconpyorling:
:icondizmathik: :iconps3hasnogames: :iconnuclearoushazard: :iconfariskalin: :iconsilss:
:iconimimi-ai: :iconshittsui-no-muzai: :iconmyobukila: :icontamawolf: :icontres-iques:
:iconnecroleaf: :iconfuzzyderp: :iconfrozenflyingkero: :iconmyebi: :iconr080tsam:
This is where I leave you guys~
If you've stuck around with me even in my inactivity, thanks yall!
I'll do my best from now on, so if you stay along for the ride, I'll be sure to make it enjoyable!
If not then go away okay thanks byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Listening to: Lullaby ~ Sia!
  • Reading: The Color of Water~ (For school yey)
  • Watching: Devil Survivor 2 ~ The Animation
  • Playing: Phoenix Wright ~ Ace Attorney!
  • Eating: Peanut Buttter do not judge me thankies
  • Drinking: Hi-C~! &gt;u&lt;


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